Paul McBlaine

From athletes to top musicians, every successful leader uses executive coaching to deliver the best. Paul has the experience and knowledge to coach the best to be better.

Paul McBlaine
Paul McBlaine

Glimpses From Paul’s Journey

  • Paul grew up and went to school 60-miles east of Los Angeles, where he earned his master’s degrees in biochemistry and biology. Later, he left the Navy, where he had been stationed in Morocco and Japan.
  • He got his MBA at Pepperdine University while working at Baxter Biotech, where he started his career. At Baxter, he reinvented himself from a bench biochemist to an IT department manager.
  • Eight years later, he accepted a position in consulting. He spent the next 30 years consulting all across the US to various industries, including banks, insurance companies, and hospitals.
  • In 2005, while working with KPMG, Paul was sent to Australia to build a profitable healthcare cost improvement program using coaching as the primary tool.
  • After five years in Sydney, he got transferred to London, where he could consult for and coach executive board leaders, government executives, and small business leaders.
  • After returning to the US seven years ago, he settled in Chicago. Soon, he struck out on his own as an independent contractor working with healthcare organizations to enhance their performance with coaching as an essential skill.
  • He launched PaulMcBlaine.com in 2012.

Leadership Experience

Paul has over 35 years of leadership experience. He has coached over 500 leaders, helping them achieve their objectives, enhance performance, and refine leadership styles. His high-impact coaching has helped leaders and executives overcome challenges and scale heights in their careers.

  • Create ongoing, effective strategic and personal focus
  • Make difficult conversations easier
  • Commit to challenging decisions
  • Enhance team effectiveness
  • Thrive in any environment

Professional Experience

  • Paulmcblaine.com (2012 - Present)
  • KPMG (2003 - 2012) USA, Australia, UK
  • Bearing Point, Inc., USA (2002 - 2003)
  • Arthur Andersen, LLP, USA (1998 - 2002)
  • Cerner Corporation, USA (1998 –1998)
  • CoActiv Management Consulting, Inc., USA, Sole Proprietor (1997 - 1999)
  • West Hudson, Inc. USA (1989 - 1997)
  • Baxter International, Baxter Biotech, USA (1981 - 1989)
  • Communications Technician, (Top Secret Crypto Clearance), US Navy (1966 – 1970)